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The Pray of Faith

 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have commit

This are the most frequent Prayers you may hear each week at 10:30 -11AM Gospel1570.com

Evangelist Andre Murphy; Bishop Greg Davis, John Hannah, Kimberly Ray-Garvin, Mother Conseula York. Rev. Timothy Flemming: Rev. Dr. James Murphy Sr. -The Apostle

The Rev. Dr. James R. Flint Jr. Pastor

Great Books to read


The Holy Bible KJV, Christian Ethics I & II Dietrich Bonhoeffer, It only takes a Minute to Change your life. Spirit, Soul & Mind,

God's Armour Barrier, I command you to Live, Who moved me cheese,

The ABC's of Faith, 

Prayer is the Key & Faith unlocks the door. googlephotos

Our Prayer Counselors are Haven Sent
and Full of Love and Compassion
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This broadcast is designed to brighten your day.

Thank God for 9 years of Radio broadcasbroadcasting and many more years in Ministry.

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This is your day for a Miracle Broadcast

The prayer of faith shall save the sick, & the Lord shall raise him up!

St. James 5:16

The Order of Service

This Ministry is designed to brighten up your day.


How about a 60 Second Bible Lesson?

  • Why should you be Sick when others are being made whole. * (Isaiah 53:5)

  • Why should you be broke another day, when God promise to supply all of your need. (Philippians 4:19).

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Our Prayer Counselors have Real testimonials

Do know some of our Prayer Counselors?

Have been critically sick, some without a job, but because of their faithfulness in serving others. God healed everyone of them and supplies all of there needs,

Whenever you call our Prayer Lines at 877-800-8515

We don't just Pray for you just that one time, over it one time, but we also enter your name in our Prayer book. So we eventually follow with you after a few  weeks or months and see how everything is going. We are also expecting a Praise report.

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We have been broadcast 10 years and happy to see many lives changes since this time of Community Outreach and by the power of the Love of Jesus. 

Please read St. John 3:16-17

The Most frequent question I receive is well since your Father has recently passed : so who's in charge and Pastoring?  My  Answer: God has always provided a opportunities & the way for me Speak for him : and a very I am grateful for a effective evangelism Ministry, So I don't get hung up on pushing for the front to be seen by Men. Just as  God is using me to do his will is my main objective. I am satisfied with being a team player, a Disciple/Learner and a Follower of Jesus the Christ. St. Like 16:26