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Hand written Sermon by our Pastor : The Apostle James A. Murphy Sr. Matthew the 7th Chapter verses 7-11

Special Interest

The Rev. Dr. James A. Murphy Sr. (Apostle)

Hand written original Selected Sermons 

Other than it pays to have patience,

He wrote by hand & rewrote these sermons more times than any other. 

At least  ten different times.

"Who can read the hand writing on the wall? Read (Daniel 5).

The way out of depression

Follow the Holy Spirit 

( St. John 16:13).

Wait on the Lord

The Fruit of the Spirit

The Fruit of Righteousness

The Fruit of Peace

The Fruit of Love

Watch your mouth

A Change will come

The Prodigal Son

I fell in love with a prostitute

You are the salt of the earth

The Secret of Powerful positive thinking

Speak to your Storm

I can do all things through Christ which gives me strength ( Philippians 4:13).

The Holy Spirit will give you power to overcome the Devil ( St. Luke 10:19).

Walk in the Spirit ( Romans 8).

When you done all you can do just stand ( Eph. 6 10--18)

A new attitude dealing with old problems 

Watch what you say

The Lord is my Shepherd (23rd Psalm).

It's only a test

Fear Not

Don't you Worry

The Lord will make a way Somehow!!
The Lord will make a way Somehow!!


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